Rex Productions

Rex Productions is a media production group in Denver Colorado. We are part of the IDEA Management LLC family of solutions.

With 15+ years of expirence working in various venus and production types (public speaking, live music and theatre), we can support almost any production need. We assist with lower cost installation solutions to find the best value at the lowest cost. Basic training, documentaion, documentation services, are provided as well.

Public Speaking

We provide solutions for Public Speaking Events, Conferences and Meetings. Our goal is to help make you look good while staying in the background. Providing the media and technology required to make your event successful.

Live Music

From Small acoustic sets to larger full bands: we can support any size band and any genre of music, in almost any venue. With expirence in acousticaly live rooms, we'll assist in making artist sound great and the audience wanting more. We respect the music and the talent we are reenforcing to bring the best expirence to the audience.


Audio tech in theater is diverse. Each performer has their own unique style of speaking, singing, even movment, making mic placement and reenforcement a tricky task. Include the acoustical challanges of an old theater and the varying expectations of the audience and theater audio presents itself as crucial part of any successful performance. We have expirence with many venues and audio technology to help make any event successful.

Installation / Documentation

Don't let poor documentation limit you from getting the most out of your system. Sometimes the only thing holding back great sound is a lack of knowing what's installed, how it's installed, and how to take advantage of it. We can help! We'll help to provide insite into the current enviornment as well as procure and install new gear.